Some Rock Band Videos

My camera will unfortunately only shoot 3 minutes of footage so I can’t record a full song.  Sucks.  But here are some videos of three of my favorite drum playing songs on Rock Band.  Bear in mind that I have never played drums in my life until I got Rock Band.

This is me playing some Disturbed song.  Not sure of the name.  The song just became available as DLC this week.  This is me playing on Hard difficulty.  I can beat it on Expert but it isn’t nearly as fun and I don’t do nearly as well.

This is me playing Rush’s Limelight.  Truly one of my favorite songs to play on the drums.  This is me playing on Expert Difficulty.  My best on this song is about 167K points which is enough for 5 stars.

Later I may upload a video of me playing The Police’s Message in a Bottle.  This is another one of my favorites.  My record on Expert difficulty is 200K points which is 5 stars.



One Response to “Some Rock Band Videos”

  1. nathaniel Says:

    jesus. you’re the only person i’ve seen who can do expert drums. 🙂

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